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Zhangzhou Ceramic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer

Chairman's Statement

XiaoZhiyong, outstanding entrepreneur of China’s ceramic industry, the main founderof Bolina Holing Group, Chairman and CEO of the Bolina Group, member of Fujian Provincepeople’s congress and Zhangzhou City people’s congress, owned the honors of China’sceramic industry “People of the year”, “Outstanding Fujian Merchant contributorof Western Taiwan Straits construction”


Cooperation with Win-Winfuture

Address in 2014 Bolina NationalAgencies and Distributors annual meeting

Dear friends, agencies,Bolina family numbers:  

Happy new year to you all!

We are highly honored to invite you to get together in Zhangzhou- The hometown of daffodils in the beginning of 2014 New Year to talk about thefuture development of Bolina. On behalf of the board of directors and allBolina staff, I would like to express our warmly welcome and sincere thanks toall of your present. Thanks for the trust, support and kindness given toBolina, sharing same fate and go through thick and thin together!

The past year (2013) is the first year of Bolin’s second pioneeringdevelopment. By establishing branch companies at North China, Foshan, CentralChina, Northwest China; branch offices at Beijing, Northeast, Southwest,Eastern, Southeast of China as well as E-Commerce Department, the group has beenimplementing a full-scale domestic terminal market strategy. Deep in domesticmarket, and build the brand base sample by regional linkage as well as modelmarket set-up. To strengthen the service consciousness, improve servicequality, the North and Central China regions have carried out the Shopkeepers’champion training. Promote the terminal competitiveness through powerfulpromotion. Enhance the brand publicity and influence by advertising throughmedia like BJTV, SETV, websites etc. Shows & fairs attended such asShanghai KBC Fair, Beijing HXJB Fair, CERSAIE to demonstrate the brand andgroup strength. Prizes and honors, such as “China Famous Trademark”、“Enterprise Pioneers ofSanitary Ware” 、“The Terminal Brand of influence of theYear” ,“China’s Furniture Industry Top 10 Sanitary WareBrand “are connected with efforts and sweat of each dealer friends and groupemployees. And all of these achievements are casting Bolina as the leader ofthe industry. 

Success comes from faith , grasping casts magnificently.Upon the establishing, Bolina stickto the faith of the heart , practice dream by actions.We have achieved the first great-lead-jump by listing in Hon Kong StockExchange through 10 years efforts. We are committed to build Bolina as thefirst band of Chinese sanitary ware, and then become the well-known enterprise,famous brand in the world in the next 10 years. We hope more Bolina familynumbers can be benefited from our second pioneering development.

Bolina is setting the hundred year goal with responsibility andpassion. Under the second pioneering development strategy, Bolina will promotethe capacity through standardized mass production; continue the innovationthrough all new thinking; explore the marking by branding strategy, build the nationaland even global marketing network. We expect greater breakthrough on the 2014sale performance through pioneer teams to efficiently implement the marketingstrategy, with supports from national agencies!

You shall have felt the huge market pressure under theincreasing competition. But I believe the more difficult environment is, themore opportunity existed. We are sharing the same fate and dreams in the Bolinafamily. The future of Bolina group needs your devote on your efforts. As longas we are cooperated sincerely hands in hands, I believe our faith will breakthrough all obstacles and achieve our goals finally.

At last, I wish the meeting comes to complete success and all ofyou good performance on career and health. Thank you

Xiao Zhiyong


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