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Senior Operating Personnel


Mr. Wong Wai Ming (黃偉明), aged 37, joined our Group in May 2015 and is the chief financial officer and the company secretary of our Group. Mr. Wong graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Mr. Wong was admitted as a member of the Hong Kong Institution of Certified Public Accountants and certified as a qualified Financial Risk Manager (“FRM(R)”) by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Mr. Wong has over 14 years of experience in financial reporting, investment banking, and auditing and financial risk management in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Beijing. Before joining the Company, Mr. Wong was a chief financial officer of another listed company in Hong Kong and was responsible for the supervision of financial management and investor relations matters. Prior to that, Mr. Wong worked in various international accounting firms and financial institutions as audit professional and financial risk management professional.

Mr. Zhao Chongkang (趙崇康), aged 56, is an executive deputy general manager of our Group, responsible for the overall management as well as the production operations of our Group. Mr. Zhao joined our Group in August 2007 and he has been a deputy general manager of Zhangzhou Wanhui since September 2010 and was a deputy general manager and the chief engineer of Zhangzhou Wanjia from August 2007 to September 2010. Mr. Zhao has over 30 years of experience in the ceramics and sanitary ware industries. Since 1982 Mr. Zhao has worked for several ceramics factories and companies including the 湖南省陶瓷廠 (Hunan Ceramics Factory), 湖南省建築 陶瓷總公司 (Hunan Construction Ceramics Company) and 中國瓷都九州潔具廠 (China Jiuzhou Porcelain Capital Sanitary Wares Factory). Prior to joining our Group, he was a deputy general manager of the Chaozhou Xianghua Donglong Ceramic Co., Ltd. (廣東省潮州 市翔華東龍瓷業有限公司) from October 2003 to January 2007. In addition, Mr. Zhao was appointed vice chairman of the national standing committee for the first session for the Chinese magazine “陶瓷” (“Ceramics”) in February 2009 and he is a member of the science and education committee of the China Building Materials Federation (中國建築材料聯合會). Mr. Zhao graduated from South China University of Technology (華南理工大學) in January 1982. He is a senior engineer admitted by the Hunan provincial government.

Mr. Chen Zhiqiang (陳志強), aged 44, is a deputy general manager of our Group. Mr. Chen has been employed by our Group since its establishment and has been a deputy general manager of Zhangzhou Wanjia and an assistant general manager of Zhangzhou Wanhui since June 2009. Before joining our Group, Mr. Chen worked for Double Rhomb Sanitary Ware Company as a quality control person-in-charge and molding workshop officer from October 1997 to November 1999. From 1993 to July 1997 and November 1999 to January 2002 he worked for 寶盛漳州建 陶有限公司 (Baosheng Zhangzhou Construction Ceramics Limited) as a technician, assistant manager of colour glazed pottery factory and assistant quality control manger. In December 2009, Mr. Chen was appointed as a member of the National Technical Committee on Building and Sanitary Ceramics of Standardization Administration of China (全國建築衛 生陶瓷標準化技術委員會). He received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from East China Institute of Chemical Technology (華東化工學院), also known as East China University of Science and Technology (華東理工大學), in July 1992. Mr. Chen is also a qualified engineer.

Mr. Zhu Jiaqin (朱甲欽), aged 45, is a deputy general manager of our Group. Since Mr. Zhu joined our Group in May 2002, he has been a manager of the product development department and production department and a deputy general manager of Zhangzhou Wanjia, and the manager of the production department of Zhangzhou Wanhui. Mr. Zhu has over 20 years of experience in the ceramics and sanitary ware industries and had worked for the 湖南省建築陶瓷廠 (Hunan Construction Ceramics Factory), 中國九州潔具廠 (China Jiuzhou Sanitary Wares Factory) and Huida Ceramic Group Co., Ltd. (惠達陶瓷集 團股份有限公司). He is a qualified engineer in China.

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