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高端卫浴市 场的领导者

漳州万佳陶 瓷工业有限公司是专业制造卫生陶瓷的生产企业,为国家级高 新技术企业。

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Theme concept: the courage to play smart business
Navigation mission: sharing green Home Furnishing to create a better life
Vision navigation: 100 years navigation course standard bathroom
Core values: there are ideas to play a cooperative action
Enterprise spirit: the whole of open innovation
Business philosophy: the difference of winning
Product view: details to create products
Customer view: integrity and win-win
Investment outlook on Development: in the steady development of the development of the security and stability
Management concept: people-oriented results oriented
With the view of man: director general will do nothing to have both ability and political integrity
Leadership: grasp the essence as an example strict requirements
Code of conduct: a second to promote the efficiency of a penny benefit every word and action image
Enterprise style: simple and pragmatic and efficient
Beacon of enterprise culture, is the beacon to stick to one and have faith, values, moral standards. The complex is a beacon of people's management philosophy and action guide!
The concept of corporate culture system of navigation
First, the theme of the idea: the courage to play smart business
The wisdom of the business, the courage to play, down to earth!
Create value for customers, create the future for the employees, to create benefits for the shareholders.
Sustainable management, giving back to the community; becoming a prominent corporate citizen.
Pay attention to quality, innovative design, advocate green new idea of environmental protection!
Establish a sense of responsibility to lead the healthy development of the sanitary ware industry!
Our value is to make people's lives better!
Focus on the bathroom industry, to build China's first brand of sanitary ware, and thus become the world's leading sanitary ware enterprises, well-known brands.
To provide consumers with healthy quality products, continuous innovation to meet the needs of consumers!
Optimize the operation mode, maintain steady development, the pursuit of sustainable development, build a hundred years of navigation!
Lead the pure, simple, the ultimate fashion bathroom new fashion, committed to the bathroom industry, the direction of the subject!
There are ideas: ideas determine the way, ideas to decide the future.
Responsibility: responsible for the growth of the customer is responsible for the enterprise responsible for their own responsibility.
Have cooperation: open and open, active communication, cooperation is the highest, the overall situation is supreme.
Have action: obey the command, bold innovation, the courage to break through, the implementation of a strong.
One word: dry
Two words: Initiative
Three words: let me come
Four words: positive thinking
Five words: responsibility is my
Six words: who needs help
Seven words: the goal will be achieved
Six, business philosophy: the difference of winning
Strengthen strategic thinking and strategic guidance, with the use of capital operation and Internet thinking mode, integrated resources, to achieve leapfrog development.
Strengthen technology R & D capability of independent innovation, improve product line and production chain, optimize product service, build the core competitiveness of enterprises.
To customer demand oriented, with the characteristics of the brand and culture to strengthen market share, blue ocean strategy.
The life of the enterprise in the market, the life of the market in the brand, the brand of life in the quality. The quality is no small matter, the details of the success or failure.
The premise of high quality products is the high quality of the work. In the quality of the problem must be high standards and strict requirements.
With the first-class management and first-class operation, the production of first-class products. Each process shall strictly control the quality of it.
Often organized, often rectifying, often clean, often standardized, often self disciplined.
Adhere to the "consistency".
How to treat people with sincerity, honesty, credibility in; be honest and trustworthy is the foundation for long-term development.
Share development, cooperation and win-win.
Ten, management philosophy: people-oriented results oriented
Full respect for each employee's personality, dignity and value, to help employees continue to improve and grow.
Create a comfortable working environment for employees, provide fair and reasonable promotion channels, and create a platform for employees to achieve career success.
Keep promise, said to do, follow the goal, go all out, to the implementation of efficiency, with action to create value.
Eleven, with a view of man: director general will do nothing to have both ability and political integrity
Can do: is to have excellent professional skills.
Director general: that is to pay attention to the strategy and methods of doing things.
Do nothing: is the emphasis on efficiency and benefit.
Twelve, the concept of Leadership: grasp the essence as an example strict requirements
From the root of the start, grasp the essence, improve management efficiency and effectiveness.
For example, what is the influence of the foundation.
Strict demands on themselves, strict requirements of subordinates.
Thirteen, code of conduct: a second promoting efficiency of a penny benefit every word and action image
Fourteen, enterprise style: simple and pragmatic and efficient
Simple: to seize the key, to distinguish between primary and secondary, clear goals and direction.
Pragmatic: empty talk, hard work and prosperous.
High efficiency: quick response and immediate action.

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